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Pro Maintenance Solutions LLC

We specialize in commercial maintenance and general repairs, keeping your operations running smoothly. Our nationwide network ensures fast & reliable service. Who we service: Storage facilities, healthcare facilities, senior living, prisons and more. 

Door Repair

Don't Let Door Issues Disrupt Your Business: Expert Repairs for All Types

We specialize in fixing a wide range of issues for various door types, ensuring your entryways remain secure, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

Our expertise covers:

  • Roll-Up Door Repair: Our technicians can diagnose and repair any problem with your roll-up doors, restoring smooth operation and security.

  • Swing Door Repair: Whether it's a faulty hinge, damaged door closer, or worn-out hardware, we can fix your swing doors to ensure proper operation and a welcoming entrance.

  • Hollow Metal Door Repair: We handle dents, misalignment, and malfunctioning locks to keep your hollow metal doors secure and fire-resistant.

  • Automatic Door Repair: Ensure your automatic doors function flawlessly with our repair services, maintaining accessibility and convenience.

  • Security Door Repair: We address issues with advanced locking mechanisms and hardware, keeping your high-security doors functioning optimally.

  • Door Frame Repair: Cracked or damaged door frames can compromise.

  • We can fix or replace door frames to ensure proper door operation and building integrity.

Climbing a Ladder

Roofing and Siding

​We offer expert leak solutions, roof maintenance & repair, and siding restoration to keep your home safe and secure from the elements. From minor drips to major repairs, our team ensures your roof and siding are in top condition.

  • Leak Solutions: From drips to major leaks, our expert roofers can diagnose, repair, and prevent future problems. 

  • Roof Maintenance & Repair: Keep your roof in top shape with our comprehensive minor and major roof repair services.

  • Siding Restoration: Ensure your building's exterior protection with our professional siding repair services.

Gate and Fencing 

Secure Your Property with Expert Gate & Fence Repair.

  • Iron Gate Repair & Installation: Our skilled technicians can fix or install a secure and stylish iron gate for your driveway or entryway.

  • Chain Link Fence Repair & Installation: Keep your property secure and your pets contained with reliable chain link fence repairs and installations.

  • Wrought Iron Fence Repair & Installation: Enhance the beauty and value of your property with expert wrought iron fence repair or a brand new installation.

Don't let a broken gate or fence compromise your security.

Brick Walls
Plumber at Work

Electric and Plumbing 

​Don't let electrical issues or plumbing problems disrupt your life. We offer expert electrical repairs and installations to keep your lights on and appliances running. Additionally, our routine plumbing maintenance prevents leaks and ensures smooth water flow.

  • Electrical: Keep your lights on and appliances running with our expert electrical repairs and installations.

  • Plumbing: Schedule routine maintenance to prevent costly leaks and ensure smooth operation of your water systems.

Welding and Fabrication 

Restore and revitalize existing metal pieces for optimal performance and a polished appearance. 

  • Welding Repair: Our skilled technicians can address cracks, breaks, and other welding issues, restoring the structural integrity and functionality of your metal components.

  • Custom Fabrication Repair: We don't just fix welds! We can also repair dents, bends, and other damage to your custom metal pieces, preserving their original design and purpose.

We have the expertise to handle a wide range of metals and ensure your repaired metalwork lasts.

A Man Welding
Door Technician

General Maintenance

Complete Property Care: General Maintenance Services in Washington, Oregon, and Colorado. 

Maintain a safe, functional, and beautiful property with our comprehensive general maintenance services.

We offer a wide range of expert solutions to address all your property's needs:

  • Enhanced Security & Peace of Mind: CCTV Installation & Monitoring: Install a high-quality CCTV system for remote surveillance and deter crime. Our technicians will ensure its proper function, giving you peace of mind.

  • Revitalize Your Existing Structure: Building Renovation: Breathe new life into your property with our expert building renovation services. From refreshing the interior to upgrading features, we'll transform your space. 

  • Preventative Maintenance for a Healthy Property: Basic Maintenance: Preventative maintenance is key! We offer comprehensive basic maintenance services to identify and address minor issues before they become major problems, saving you time and money in the long run. 

  • Efficient Drainage & Flood Prevention: Drainage System Cleaning & Repair: Avoid water damage and ensure proper drainage with our professional cleaning and repair services for your drainage systems. We'll keep your property safe from water-related issues. 

  • Year-Round Comfort Management: HVAC Service & Project Expertise: Maintain a comfortable and healthy environment all year round with our reliable HVAC service and project expertise. We handle everything from routine maintenance to complex installations.

    We are your one-stop shop for all your general maintenance needs! Contact us today for a free estimate and experience the exceptional service that keeps your property functioning at its best.

Also offering construction and contracting services 

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